freedom . a ring


freedom . a ring

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a 3/4in tall band, steeped in nikos kazantzakis' words.

each ring is individually custom made at the time of order . each letter is hand set and stamped - meaning no two rings are truly identical.  while completely readable, the design emphasis is placed on rhythm and pattern, emotion and vibe.    a date or small personalization could be added inside the ring if desired.

limited edition, redesigned and rereleased from the loving anvil 2014 lyric and literature line.

available in both bronze or sterling silver.  14k gold also available, please drop a line for details/pricing.

besos, amores.


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Father Yánaros, too, had dug his grave here, with his own hands; he had chiseled letters on a tombstone and painted them red:  “Death I fear you not!”  Father Yánaros stood happily for a moment over his grave.  “Death, I do not fear you,” he murmured, and suddenly he felt free.  “he who does not fear death is free.”  Father Yánaros stroked his beard, satisfied.  God, he pondered, is there is a greater joy than freedom from death? No,” he went on, “no!”
— The Fratricides, Nikos Kazantzakis

the text is from one of my most very favorite authors, nikos kazantzakis, and the novel the fratricides -

the full passage describes how father yánaros has literally dug his own grave.on the ring it's a bit condensed.
the ring reads:

death i do not fear you
and suddenly he felt free
what does it mean to be free
he who does not fear death is free
is there a greater joy, no!