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we are artists living and working in an 1880 farmhouse in southern, coastal maine.  raised in the midwest, honed our art at rhode island school of design and the university of new mexico, and worked extensively in the burgeoning years of the portland, oregon art and fashion movement.  we have made biddeford, maine our home since the mid 2000s.

we love people, animals, metals, stones, plants and trees.   we are inspired by nature, family, music, love, color and kindness. We are also inspired equally parts by a passion for succinct and solid design as well as the organic hand print of mother and human nature.  

we believe everything vibrates with consciousness and sentience as a sum of their parts - an undeniable energy that had either been nurtured or born of pain.  and we work hard to insure our creations are as free from negative energy as we can. This is how: 

  • our metals are reclaimed/recycled.

  • our stones are lovingly (and obsessively) dug, shaped and polished artisan rock hounds from around the globe. 

  • our studio and home are run with the immediate and global ecosystem in mind. 

everything by and with a conscious of and for the Earth, it’s creatures, and people.  it's essential. the way we live our daily life absolutely translates to our work.

we honored to find our work in many collections domestically and internationally.  we are proud to include among our patrons:

bryan cranston
esperanza spalding  (worn during the televised 2012 Academy Awards, during the In Memoriam performance.)
trinidad james


coco corral . metalsmith . artist

coco corral . metalsmith . artist