Teen Titans Go

the night begins to shine

i'm probably not headed where you think i would be with this.  or maybe i'm headed exactly where you're thinking.  which is amazing. 

we are/were Teen Titans devotees, watching them on boomerang each late night, (followed by samurai jack.) LOVED it.  and yes were absolutely devastated by the unceremonious end brought about by (moronic corporate blind evil) cancellation and consequent forever unresolved plot threads.  by we i mean my daughter and i, and by teen titans i mean the show that originally aired from 2003-2006.   so now sometimes we catch teen titans go.  which is pretty good-ish and sometimes really really funny.  whatevs.

yesterday we saw  the 40% 40% 20% episode of teen titans go and GODDAMN this song is awesome.  and the animation shift that it causes in the show.  such a good dose of late 1990s to early 2s.  in so many ways.  you know when you're in the thing, it can be hard to see the flavor.  and then some time passes and you all of a sudden can REALLY see the flavor/nuance and it's just ... amazing.  maybe good, maybe not so good but this song really works for me.   i added it to my spotify playlist to provide all kinds of inspiration and motivation and purpose to those early morning drives up the interstate.   (you can also find it on itunes and amazon