la bruja de verano - leo ring


la bruja de verano - leo ring

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our summer witch line, made especially with empaths/those with empathic tendencies in mind. to help ease the metaphysical load, so to speak. to help protect and ready in this heightened, intense time.

a ring of sterling and bronze. the bronze back of the ring has the leo constellation and a full (sterling) moon among its celestial scene .

the pieces in this series are all one of a kind. this leo ring wears comfortably on a us nine or ten. i do have two more leos identical to this one, that could be made in to a custom ring of any size. well. actually three but again, i’m absolutely keeping one for myself!

size 10 available for immediate shipment, custom options will ship in approximately two weeks. please leave a note as to ring size.

peace, love, and resistance.

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there was a full moon lunar eclipse in leo - january 2018.  The 2018 Leo Lunar Eclipse wants us to get raw, harness our magic, know our power, and be ready to wield it.  

leo's full moon in 2018 (july 26th) is the Thunder Moon .