for IH only


for IH only


just as discussed, amor

- bruja de primavera - crow red phantom ring

SO exited for this piece. it reminds me of a crow. and if you’ve been following along, you know i’m a bit obsessed with crows. still hoping one adopts me as a friend.

this is my third crow-noggin inspired ring.

50mm x 20mm red phantom quartz set in fine and sterling silver


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red phantom quartz

red quartz element - creative energy - joyful playful energies and ability to explore ones world with fearless curiosity.  the curiosity to learn and grow.  it is excellent for artists, poets and those who wish to playfully approach the creative expression of ideas and feelings.  it is a stone of creative problem solving and can be employed to stimulate new ideas and the pursuit of new knowledge.  stimulate fresh perspectives.  encourages abundant energy, 

white phantom quartz. aids one in bringing pure soul level energy into the body.  this is a stone of communication with source, and can aid in understanding and manifesting ones purpose.  it aids in inner journeys and assisting in connecting with guidance.  it reveals past patters that have either held back or facilitated ones path.  it facilitates in comprehension of past karmic influences and assists in healing physical problems brought on by past patterns.