bruja de primavera - white witch earrings


bruja de primavera - white witch earrings


Maligano Jasper

38mm x 12mm

set in sterling and fine silver. sterling silver posts with sterling and silicon clutch.

large earrings of medium weight. paired with clutches of sterling surrounded by supportive silicon disk. if you do not want the silicon extension, please note via checkout page and will ship with standard (no silicon extension) sterling clutch

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This Jasper is more correctly used in finding your center, thereby finding balance within the body and without.

For those who may be rigid in their beliefs, Indonesian Jasper can help to loosen the bonds of black and white thinking to open up to the color in the middle. To allow for more possibilities and perceptions.

It aids to recognize patterns, determining if they are helpful or harmful, and taking action to release or retain, and move on to creating new and/or more healthy patterns.

Indonesian Jasper is very helpful when working within a group to achieve a common goal. It carries a very distinct energy of teamwork, not individual ego.

Aids to set a sturdy or firm foundation for any new project of idea. Helps to see alternatives and possibilities while also allowing to understand set backs or hiccups along the way. aids to handle both positive and negative, with poise and grace.

This is such an even keeled and smooth energy that it can help even the most hyperactive and/or uncooperative to be more in the moment.  Energy mellows and becomes more kind.

This Jasper reminds us that our time in this physical manifestation is limited and we should make the most of it, not blast through without forethought. We manifested our time here to learn chosen lessons, to experience specific adventures, to connect with soul family on this plane.

Indonesian Jasper can help to remove all types of blockages--from creative endeavors (like writers block) and more intellectual pursuits. when one is stuck, this Jasper will help you to push past to newly opened ideas and creations.

Indonesian Jasper is a "get back to basics" type of stone - to move towards simplicity.

The message of Indonesian Jasper : Step back, breathe, re-evaluate, and make course corrections as needed.

Physically, Indonesian Jasper will help to break up blockages and repair damage to the body. It will aid in relaxing all body systems so that they will function smoothly and efficiently.