Features Overview

finally!  casting in bronze, similar color to brass but a little bit warmer.  


signet rings 

cast in bronze - sizes 4 - 12 available.  

currently using 4mm letters.  could also use 6mm letters.  have an amazing feel - i've been wearing mine non stop!

talking with machinist to create brass option but it will have a less organic, more cigar band feel.

once production is in place, 1-2 week turn around

wholesale: $33 


initial necklaces

5/8in stout brass charm with 6mm initial.  16in gold plated brass chain

could also use 4mm letters.  could also hand form less perfect round bronze disks to match signet rings exactly.

wholesale: $28


spice cellars and spoon set

cast bronze, each bowl and spoon individually sculpted.  i am so thrilled with these even in the sample - the pepper bowl has slightly thicker walls and no flaws where the salt bowl cracked some in casting (walls were too thin) 

wholesale: $60/set

(i'm having a hard time pricing.  they are very heavy and take some work, but i don't want to out price what is comfortable.  i know you have to accommodate the wood tray as well.  there aren't any solid bronze, handmade spice cellar bowl sets out there to compare, are far as i can find!)